Savannah Rambles  - Architecture walking tours of a unique American city


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highly recommended!
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Public Rambles:

The Savannah Architecture Ramble: (2 )
  Adults:  $20.00/person
  Students:  $10.00/person
   (age 8 thru 21 years)
  Children under 8 years free.

The Summer Evening Architecture Stroll: (2 )
  Adults: $20.00/person
  Students: $10.00/person
   (age 8 thru 21 years)
  Children under 8 years free.

Private Rambles:

Private Savannah Architecture Ramble: (2 hour) 
  $30.00/person with children under 8 free.

Private Summer Evening Architecture Stroll: (2 )
   $30.00/person with children under 8 free.

All prices include $1 per person to the City of Savannah
Preservation Fund

Payment will be accepted by cash or check at the Ramble.

Ramble times:

   Mon - Sat: 9:30 am and Mon - Fri: 1:00 pm

   No Private Rambles on Saturday or Sunday.

New for Summer, 2016

    Summer Evening Architecture Stroll

    Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm

Please note that times may vary by season.

Savannah Rambles wants to give you the best possible Savannah Experience!

Rambles will be limited to 12 persons, when possible, to preserve the quality of the tour as well as respect the neighborhoods being visited. 

All Rambles are subject to the rules and regulations of Walking Tours as set forth by the City of Savannah.

Start Location:

All Rambles will start on Johnson Square at the base of the Nathanael Greene Monument, except the Summer Evening Stroll which begins in June, will start in Chippewa Square just to the south of the Oglethorpe Monument.- however, if you do not book in advance, there is a chance I will not be there.

Please call or text questions to Dirk at 912-704-8170.  I will answer as soon as possible, I do not take calls while on tours or driving.  Thank you! 

Advance purchase
highly recommended!
    Book online now!       

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